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    Why Your Cervical Curve is Important

    Why Your Cervical Curve is Important

    Do you remember your grandmother nagging about your slouching? She never missed one slump of your shoulders, especially at the dinner table. You would roll your eyes and obstinately correct your poor posture—for a moment.

    Now that you are out of your adolescent years and into adulthood, you make a valiant effort to sit up straight. As it turns out, your all-knowing grandma was on to something more than just looking presentable. Your cervical spine depends on your good posture to maintain correct curvature. The body has this curve for very important reasons. At Complete Injury Management of Las Vegas, we believe that knowledge is the key to longevity and good health. Here is some valuable information about your cervical curve.

    Where is the Cervical Curve?

    The cervical curve starts immediately where the spine meets the skull. This specific section contains the first initial seven vertebrae of the spine. Reach behind your neck—that is your cervical curve. The correct formation of a healthy cervical curve should resemble a flattened C. Ideally, this curve should be 42 degrees when a person is standing erect and with good posture.

    The Importance of Tummy Time

    The base for a healthy cervical curve is formed in one’s infantile years. When a baby is born, their entire spine is shaped like the letter C. This is due to how most are positioned inside the womb. After a few short weeks, as they rapidly grow and develop, they begin to form the cervical curve as they reach critical milestones such as lifting their head and crawling. This starts with a good tummy time regime, where the baby is placed on the floor and given the opportunity to practice their new skills. When a baby starts to walk, the lumbar curve is developed. Together, these two curves combine to make the perfect S shaped spine that is seen in healthy adults.

    Lost Curvature

    Many people are unaware that they can damage the curvature of their spine. This can happen in traumatic injuries, such as car accidents or sports injuries, but loss of curvature can also occur due to micro traumas. These are the actions that you might have rolled your eyes at as a teen—slouching, slumping, sleeping in a position that was not good for your back or using too many pillows. Poor posture damages the spine, and that is a fact. Putting the spine in a compromised position can result in the loss of curvature and an unhealthy structure.

    Prioritize Posture

    You can improve the health of your cervical curve and maintain its correct formation by making good posture a priority. Never slump or sit crumpled in a chair. Always hold your head erect, eyes forward and shoulders squared. Remember the words of your wise grandmother—as it turns out, she was right after all.

    Regular Checks Can Help

    Visiting your physician for a routine check can help you to maintain the correct curvature of your spine or manage any injuries you might have. If you have additional questions, visit our chiropractic care page or contact a representative with Complete Injury Management of Las Vegas today.

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