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    Vestibular Rehabilitation

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    Vestibular Rehabilitation: Find a Certified Therapist

    Treat vestibular disorders and symptoms with exercise-based programs designed by specialty-trained vestibular rehabilitation therapists.

    Trusted Vestibular Rehabilitation Affiliate Providers

    Your vestibular system helps you keep your balance when you stand, walk, and move around your environment. If an injury and disease damages this system, you can have balance disorders. Feeling dizzy, lightheaded, disoriented, and unsteady is not just unpleasant — it can put you at risk of serious falls.

    This is why you need to reach out to a vestibular rehabilitation specialist as soon as possible. At Complete Injury Management, we can connect you with a certified vestibular rehabilitation therapist so you can get the care you deserve.

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    What is Vestibular Rehabilitation?

    Vestibular rehabilitation is a specialized form of therapy that improves balance and reduces problems related to dizziness. A specialty-trained vestibular rehabilitation therapist should oversee the treatment.

    Who Is It For? 

    Our network helps patients diagnosed with dizziness, vertigo, imbalance, neck tightness or pain, benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV, Meniere’s syndrome, and migraines. Other candidates are patients who have had a brain injury, frequent falls, or stroke.

    Types of Exercises in a Vestibular Rehabilitation Program

    Each patient’s vestibular rehabilitation therapy program is different from the other. This is not only because vestibular impairments vary and each type affects everyone differently. Some vestibular rehabilitation exercises you may take part in include:

    Habituation Exercises

    Do you report dizziness symptoms when you move around or are in visually stimulating environments? Habituation exercises can be beneficial. They help you reduce dizziness symptoms through calculated repeated exposure to specific movements or visual stimuli that trigger wooziness. Over time, the intensity of dizziness will decrease. This is because your brain learns to ignore the unusual signals it is receiving from your inner ear system.

    Vision Stability Training

    These exercises can help you improve control of eye movements so your vision is clear during head movement. If your visual world appears shaky when reading, walking, or driving, this type of training can come in handy.

    Balance Training

    Balance training exercises can help improve steadiness. This will help you perform daily activities successfully.

    Stretching and Strengthening Exercises

    These exercises can help strengthen the muscles in your neck to maintain better posture. It’ll help keep your shoulders back and the ears directly above your shoulders.

    How Our Process Works

    Step 1: Contact Us

    Get in touch with us and tell us about your medical condition and what locations are most convenient for you.

    Step 2: Find a Specialist

    Based on your condition, we’ll help you find a physician who’s trained and knowledgeable.

    Step 3: Get Professional Treatment

    We’ll connect you with the right physician so you start your vestibular rehabilitation therapy as soon as possible.

    How Long Does Vestibular Rehabilitation Take to Work?

    You can see your physician 1 to 2 times each week for 6 to 8 weeks. But it varies based on your diagnosis, severity of symptoms, and response to therapy. When you’re recovering, you will notice improved balance, vision, neck motion, and body strength. Dizziness symptoms and risk of falling may also reduce.

    Find a Professional Vestibular Rehabilitation Specialist 

    Are you experiencing frequent dizziness? Looking to start vestibular rehabilitation? Look no further than Complete Injury Management. We’ll refer you to an experienced vestibular rehabilitation specialist that will collaborate with you. Get in touch today: (866) 282-0229.

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