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    What is Audiology

    At its core, audiology is the study of hearing, its disorders, and ways to improve it. Audiologists are scientists and clinicians who work to diagnose hearing loss and help patients improve their hearing. Audiologists evaluate patients to determine the type and degree of hearing loss. Then they create a treatment plan to help those patients improve their hearing. Audiologists often work in private practices, health care clinics, schools, and other settings. Some audiologists work strictly with adults, while others work primarily with children. Audiology is a growing field. As people age, they are more likely to develop hearing loss. Audiologists are needed to help people cope with and treat hearing loss for the rest of their lives.

    Our goal at Complete Injury Management is to assist audiologists and other medical professionals in assessing, diagnosing, and treating hearing loss. We strive to help people recover from these injuries and achieve the best possible outcomes.

    Types of Hearing Loss

    Hearing loss can be classified in different ways, including:

    • Age of onset – People born deaf have a different experience from those who lose their hearing later in life. Audiologists work with both groups.
    • Cause of hearing loss – Hearing loss can be caused by various factors, such as infections, genetics, noise, or medicines. Audiologists can help people with all types of hearing loss.
    • Severity of hearing loss – People with mild hearing loss may not even know they have a hearing problem. On the other hand, people with severe hearing loss may be completely deaf. Audiologists can help people with any degree of hearing loss.
    • Type of hearing loss – Audiologists can work with people with hearing loss caused by various things, such as infections, genetics, noise, or medicines.

    Tinnitus Treatment Options

    There is no cure for tinnitus, but there are ways to manage the condition. Audiologists can help patients with tinnitus by recommending strategies for coping with the condition, addressing the underlying cause, and using sound-based therapies.

    • Coping strategies – Many people with tinnitus find that their condition interferes with their ability to sleep. Tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT) can help people fall asleep and stay asleep. TRT involves daily listening to soft music that is specially designed to mask the sound of tinnitus.
    • Medications – Some medications can be used to treat tinnitus. For example, doctors may prescribe certain antidepressants or anti-epilepsy drugs for tinnitus patients.
    • Sound-based therapies – Patients with tinnitus can use sound to improve their quality of life. Audiologists can recommend sound-based therapies such as sound therapy, hearing aids, tinnitus masking, or cognitive behavioral therapy. Sound therapy involves listening to specially designed music modified to mask the sound of tinnitus.

    Cochlear Implants for Adults with Hearing Loss

    Cochlear implants are hearing devices surgically implanted inside the ears of patients who are profoundly deaf or have severe hearing loss. The devices are designed to stimulate and restore hearing electrically. Patients listen to sounds through a device worn on their heads or attached to their ears. The devices are controlled by a unique sound processor worn on the patient’s body. Audiologists who specialize in cochlear implants counsel patients about cochlear implants. They also perform surgical procedures, select the appropriate implants for their patients, and help patients adjust to the implant experience.

    Find a Professional Audiologist

    Do you need help recovering from hearing loss? Complete Injury Management can assist you. We will refer you to an experienced audiologist who can collaborate with you. Please get in touch today.