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    Primary Care

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    Primary care is an essential first step in getting better after an injury or illness.

    Complete Injury Management’s goal is to help people who have been injured to recover quickly and get back to their life pain-free and healthy. Primary care physicians play an important role in this process. Trained in general practice, meaning they can treat and diagnose a myriad of injuries and illnesses, primary care doctors and nurses can help identify the cause of your symptoms, and if necessary, refer you to a medical professional who is experienced with your specific diagnoses.

    Amongst primary care providers, there are several different types of physicians. Which type you decide to see should be based on your condition, how long you foresee needing ongoing care, and your views on alternative medicine. Here are three of the most common primary care physicians:

    Family Practice

    Family Practice Physicians provide the most general care. They can treat all ages and genders for the most common conditions, including sports injuries. They’re referred to as “Family Doctors” because they can treat each family member and are commonly used for ongoing care over a long period. They’re familiar with all organs of the body and nearly all diseases. They’ll often give general health advice in addition to their treatment and can refer you to another doctor if necessary.

    Internal Medicine

    Commonly called “Internists,” Internal Medicine Physicians only treat adults but are generally more experienced in one or more areas. They can treat the most common conditions and refer patients to other doctors, like Family Physicians, but don’t provide comprehensive, ongoing care to the entire family. Internists can still provide initial care but are more commonly found in inpatient settings (hospitals) instead of outpatient (doctor’s office).


    Similar to chiropractors, osteopaths practice an alternative to traditional medicine, which is non-invasive and drug-free. However, Osteopaths treat a more comprehensive array of conditions than chiropractors, who focus mostly on the spine and joints. Osteopaths take a holistic view of patient care and often recommend lifestyle changes and exercises to complement their hands-on manual adjustments of the spine, respiratory, and digestive systems.

    Your primary care provider will often be involved with your recovery for a long time. Having someone to follow-up with after seeing a medical professional is an integral part of your care. Complete Injury Management understands the importance of finding a primary care physician you can trust and feel comfortable with, which is why when you call or email us, we’ll talk to you personally to find a provider in Las Vegas that will take care of you every step of the way, and make sure your injury gets the attention it needs.