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    The Importance of Seeking Medical Help After a Car Accident Injury

    picture of a car accident

    The Importance of Seeking Medical Help After a Car Accident Injury

    We spend so much time behind the wheels of our automobiles that it is easy to forget just how much risk we put ourselves in every time we get on the freeway. The truth is that accidents do happen, and they happen at such an alarming rate that we’re all likely to be in at least one during our lives.

    If you’ve found yourself in this position with a car accident injury, it’s important you take the proper steps following the incident to ensure the stability of your future. You don’t want to make any mistakes that could end up impacting how much compensation you’ll be able to obtain. 

    One mistake to avoid following a car accident is not seeing an auto injury doctor. What’s so essential about seeking medical help after an accident? Read on and we’ll walk you through what you need to know.

    Accidents & Injuries

    Not all car accidents result in serious injuries but many do. The scary thing about a car accident injury is that you might not even realize at first that you have actually been injured.

    How might this be possible? A car accident is such a surprising event that at the moment following, your body will likely be put into a state of shock. Your body will be in fight or flight mode, adrenaline coursing through your veins.

    This is your body’s natural reaction to danger, ensuring you can act fast and take immediate action to preserve your life if needed. However, all of that adrenaline provokes a few negative side effects when it comes to car accidents.

    Adrenaline masks pain. That means you could be injured following a car accident and not even realize it. That’s why many accident lawyers will always advise clients to never say ‘i’m fine’ following any type of accident — you simply might not know if that is true or not.

    However, claiming that you are un-injured at the scene of an accident could come back to haunt you later on.

    The hidden nature of car accident injuries is one of the major reasons why you might want to go see a medical professional as soon as possible after an incident occurs. 

    These injuries could take hours or even days to reveal themselves. That’s not something you want to wait around and discover, when an injury may be getting worse over this timespan.

    Seeking Injury Management & Aid

    As we mentioned, one of the most important reasons to seek medical help as quickly as possible following an accident is to ensure you get a proper check on your health and well-being. 

    Even if you don’t feel injured, you might be. The longer you let these injuries go untreated, the worse they could get. Even if you are convinced that you are absolutely fine, seeking a medical opinion can get you the confirmation that you need.

    If you do end up being injured, a personal injury doctor can advise you on the steps you need to take to heal quickly. You can be put back on the path to good health as quickly as possible and will be given helpful tips for pain management.

    However, you’ll also need the medical opinion of a professional to get the rest of your life back on track as well. The opinion of a doctor will be key if you’re hoping to obtain compensation from the opposing driver’s insurance company.

    Medical Information as Legal Evidence

    If you’ve been injured due to the negligence of another driver on the roadway, you will have a legal right to compensation under the law. The other driver will need to pay for the damages you’ve incurred as a result of the accident in an attempt to make you whole again.

    The medical care that you will require will make up a large part of your potential compensation package. Medical care in the United States can be expensive, as we all know, and it’s important that all the care you will require will not come from your own bank account.

    The initial report from a doctor will be an essential piece of evidence when negotiating compensation from an insurance company. It will provide a record of the injuries you sustained from the accident as well as the anticipated care that you will require.

    It’s important that you seek experienced medical help as soon as possible following your auto accident injuries. This will be important so that you can prove that the injuries you’re claiming were really caused by the accident.

    It will also help to fight against the claim by insurance companies that you worsened your own condition in any way. If someone took days or even weeks to visit a doctor, insurance company lawyers might argue that some of the blame could be put on the individual for the extent of their medical damage.

    Seeking a medical opinion ASAP after an incident can help to avoid this kind of problem. In some states, there are windows of time where a person can visit a doctor or they might be left to handle injuries on their own. 

    Seeking Help For a Car Accident Injury

    If you’ve been in a collision and sustained a car accident injury, it’s important to take your immediate steps following very seriously. What can you do to protect yourself against an unfortunate future or further injury? Seeking medical help will be one of the most important steps you can take.

    Need help finding immediate assistance? Give us a call anytime for help.

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