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    The 10 Most Common Sports Injuries

    Common sports injuries treated at CIM

    The 10 Most Common Sports Injuries

    Sports injuries. At times, it can be a controversial topic and something people like to put their heads in the sand about. 

    However, you should not ignore that every year in the United States, there are 3.5 million youth sports injuries

    When kids sign up for youth sports, they or at least their parents typically understand the risk for athletic injuries. But they may not know what injuries they should be most concerned about. 

    So, what are the most common sports injuries? Here are ten to take note of. 

    1. ACL Tear 

    One of the most serious sports injuries that you should be concerned about is tearing your ACL (anterior cruciate ligament). This is a devastating injury to athletes as it typically takes them out of games for the rest of their season. 

    This is because an ACL tear can take 6-9 months to heal. An ACL helps connect your thigh bone to your shinbone. With that in mind, it can make it difficult for somebody to even walk after this injury, and this tear may even require surgery and physical therapy

    2. Concussion 

    Another controversial sports injury that is featured on this list is a concussion. This had made headlines, especially in the football world, with how potentially dangerous it can be for long-term health. 

    About 10% of athletes that participate in contact sports will suffer a concussion every year. Some of the symptoms of this injury include confusion, pressure in the head, nausea, and problems with balance. 

    This can be a more difficult injury to spot immediately, so it is always important for coaches and medical advisors on the sidelines to be aware of the concussion symptoms. 

    3. Ankle Sprain 

    The ankle is a more vulnerable part of the body, considering how little bone protection there is there compared to other parts of your body. One wrong move running full speed or tripping on an open hole in the ground can cause an ankle sprain or tear. 

    Female athletes are especially vulnerable to this type of injury, particularly ones that play soccer, given the nature of that game. 

    4. Rotator Cuff Tear

    Given how many contact sports exist, it should not be surprising that a shoulder injury ends up on this list. Examples of some sports that this can be prevalent in include football, soccer, wrestling, lacrosse, hockey, and more. 

    Depending on how serious the shoulder strain is, it can take up to two months to get back to your normal routine. 

    5. Runner’s Knee 

    An injury more common among track and field athletes is called the runner’s knee injury. It can happen when an athlete is putting too much pressure on their knees and feet. 

    While mainly reserved for track and field athletes, others are also vulnerable such as soccer players, basketball players, and football players. 

    One recommended way to decrease the chances of this injury happening to you is to regularly check your running shoes or cleats’ status. If they are getting old or worn out, it could leave you more vulnerable to this type of injury. 

    6. Breaking Fingers 

    An underrated part of your body that can be exposed to sports injuries is your fingers. The obvious reason is that your finger bones are not as strong as other parts of your body, thus being less likely to take a hard hit. 

    This may not be as serious of an injury for some athletes like soccer players or track athletes. However, for a pitcher in baseball or a quarterback in football, this injury can have a tremendous impact on how they perform, if they can play at all. 

    7. Tennis Elbow 

    Tennis elbow describes an injury that mainly occurs when an athlete overuses their elbow. Some sports that leave an athlete more vulnerable here include tennis, golf, rowing, bowling, baseball, and more. 

    Luckily for youth athletes, this injury is more likely to occur in the older crowd. The most recommended way to help avoid this injury is by wearing an elbow brace. 

    8. Lower Back Pain

    A lot of athletes require working out in the gym with lifting weights as part of their routine to be in the best shape for a game. Well, that routine can lead to lower back pain and injuries if it is not done properly. 

    Make sure you have the right techniques in the gym and do not forget to stretch. Of course, this injury is also prevalent in contact sports. 

    9. Pulling a Hamstring 

    One of the more painful injuries that can stop an athlete in their tracks is when they pull a hamstring. When this happens, unless it is a very minor injury, it can keep an athlete on the sidelines for several weeks. 

    It can be a serious injury because they are large tendons that help connect your entire thigh muscle. Because it takes up such a large part of your leg, you are limited in full-speed movement until it recovers. 

    10. Achilles Tendinitis

    Finally, returning to the subject of ankle injuries, you have the possibility of Achilles tendinitis. This happens when the back of the ankle is overused, and it finally causes pain in the calf muscle and the rest of your body. 

    Normally, it takes between 6 to 8 weeks to recover from this injury. 

    Get Treated For Common Sports Injuries

    These are ten of the most common sports injuries that you need to watch for if you are an athlete. Every athlete takes a risk by signing up for a sport, but knowing specific risks, it could be preventable. 

    Do you need sports injury treatment? Contact us to get started today. 

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