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    Reasons Why You Should Visit the Neurologist

    Reasons Why You Should Visit the Neurologist

    Search engines and social media are both a blessing and a curse. It is easy to hop online and self-diagnose your neck and back pain five minutes later as nothing more than a “normal” occurrence.

    On the other end of the spectrum, news reports and movies might have your anxiety reaching sky high levels at the first sign of a migraine—what if your pain really is being caused by something serious?

    The reality is that you have got to adequately take care of yourself and acknowledge your symptoms. Numbness and tingling, headaches, chronic pain and dizziness are all often minor symptoms that, when left unchecked, could end up as serious complications.

    It can sometimes be difficult to discern between a legitimate neurological issue and a common discomfort that you have played-up in your mind. To help you to decide when you should seek treatment from a professional, here are some reasons why you should visit the neurologist in Las Vegas.

    Sudden Vision Changes

    Your eyes are directly connected to your nervous system and can be a key indicator that you are experiencing neurological issues. Any sudden changes in your vision, such as spots, blurred images or seeing double, might just be problems with your eyesight, but these symptoms could also point to neurological problems. A simple optical test can let your healthcare professional know which is the most likely culprit. If your eyesight continues to give you grief, you should seek the medical expertise of a neurologist.

    Movement Capabilities

    If you notice that your coordination has diminished suddenly, you should see a neurologist. The sudden onset of tremors, involuntary movements, stiffness in any joints or muscle systems, or the lack of flexibility could mean that you are experiencing a neurological issue.

    Experiencing Dizziness

    Vertigo can be described as feeling as if you are on a merry-go-round that is constantly spinning. This form of dizziness is a huge cause for concern, and you should seek medical attention if you experience the onset of the condition of vertigo.

    Frequent Headaches

    Everyone will experience the unpleasant sensation of a headache at one point or another, but headaches that are chronic, frequently occurring or accompanied by other symptoms should not be shrugged away as “normal.” See a neurologist if you are vomiting, have stiffness in your neck, numbness or tingling, light sensitivity or if your headache occurred after an injury to your head.

    Tingling and Numbness

    Believe it or not, the sensation of numbness and tingling is very common. Many feel numb after sitting for a prolonged period or if circulation is cut off to a specific area. However, unexplained tingling or numbness that only affects one side of the body and leaves you feeling weak should raise alarms. If you are not experiencing anxiety, dehydration or the lack of food, these symptoms could be signs of a neurological issue.

    Find a Neurologist in Las Vegas

    There are many injuries and conditions that can lead to neurological problems. Complete Injury Management is there to help you to overcome and live your life without pain. If you would like more information about a neurologist in Las Vegas, visit our neurology page or contact a representative today.

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