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    Preparing for a Visit with a New Primary Physician

    Preparing for a Visit with a New Primary Physician

    Visiting your new primary physician for the first time can be an intimidating appointment, especially if you have been diagnosed with numerous medical conditions. This is the beginning of an important relationship.

    You might not immediately trust your doctor’s abilities, but if you take the time to prepare for this first visit, you will find that this appointment, as well as those after, go much smoother. The medical staff at Complete Injury Management of Las Vegas wants you to know that there are some ways in which you can help your primary physician to get to know you a little faster. Here are a few tips for preparing for a visit with a new doctor.

    Keep a List of Your Diagnoses

    If you do not have one already, comprise a list of your diagnoses and add to this list as you receive more. You may need to contact your previous physicians and reference your file to create an accurate list. When you switch doctor’s offices, your file is transferred, but it may take some time to get to your new physician, making your list the only source of information that your new doctor will have at your first visit. This list can also be helpful when you visit the emergency room or urgent care center. Do not settle for guesses from physicians who are unaware of your history—taking ownership of your health will both help and impress your new doctor.

    Bring All Medications

    Bring everything that you are currently taking to your appointment, including any vitamins and supplements. There are often discrepancies between the lists on an e-file and medications that a patient is actually consuming. Physicians can also get a lot of valuable information about your health by seeing your prescription bottles.

    Make an Appointment

    Before you experience an injury or illness, make an appointment with your physician specifically to establish your relationship. This appointment should take some time, especially if you follow the previous tips. Your doctor will want to be thorough to reduce any risk of a misdiagnosis in the future. This will also help you to get to know one another so that you may have a more trusting, professional relationship. Make a list of any questions that you might have for your new physician, as an establishment visit is the perfect time to ask. Your health is very important and should remain a top priority in your life. Meeting the new manager of your medical care is a very big deal.

    Find a Primary Physician in Las Vegas

    There are many great primary care physicians in the Las Vegas area. The health professionals at Complete Injury Management are dedicated to providing their clients with the very best care and services. For more information, or to find a provider in your area, visit our page or contact a representative today.

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