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    How to Manage Your Chronic Pain

    How to Manage Your Chronic Pain

    Life is difficult enough without having to live in pain for most of it. Unfortunately, constant chronic pain is the reality for many individuals and proper treatment might just be hard to come by.

    However, that does not mean chronic pain cannot be treated. In fact, there are a number of ways to manage chronic pain, and it starts on the small scale.

    Compiled by the affiliates of Complete Injury Management in Phoenix, the following is a short guide detailing simple additions you can make to your life that can help when managing chronic pain. You must first address whether you are experiencing chronic pain or acute pain.

    Chronic Pain vs. Acute Pain

    Though it may be difficult appreciating the difference while actually undergoing pain, chronic and acute pain are not the same thing. Possible treatment options depend on the particular distinction.

    Acute pain refers to sharp, sudden pains that eventually go away. Chronic pain, on the other hand, lasts much longer. Typically resulting from a past injury or illness, chronic pain can last months if not years and can eventually lead to Chronic Pain Syndrome (CPS), which can devastate your emotional wellbeing.

    Change Your Diet

    Your diet tends to have a significant say in just how well you are feeling; the same goes for managing chronic pain. You specifically will want to incorporate foods that can prevent the inflammation that leads to chronic pain. These foods include: asparagus and other leafy greens, low-sugar fruits such as plums and cranberries, soy products and most foods with high levels of omega-3 fatty acids.

    You will want to avoid chocolate, eggs, citrus fruits, wheat, processed foods and red meat, as these foods may exacerbate inflammation.

    Drink More Water

    On any given morning, an individual may choose to drink milk, sugary fruit juice or coffee. If that individual has a history of chronic pain, none of these drinks will help to alleviate his or her symptoms. Dairy products, sugary fruits and coffee may actually aggravate inflammation, leading to worse pain. Instead, it is generally recommended that you drink as much water as possible. This will prevent dehydration and help to keep you pain-free.

    Consider Physical Therapy Options to Manage Chronic Pain

    As mentioned already, chronic pain goes beyond the physical damages. It can even lead to CPS, which can cause depression, anger and anxiety. As a result, one of the best ways of managing chronic pain is by discussing your issues with a licensed chronic pain professional, which can go a long way in helping you to better cope with the stress.

    You otherwise might be best exploring physical therapy options for your pain management, which is exactly where Complete Injury Management can help. Based in Arizona, the team at CIM has many years of experience helping individuals overcome their chronic pain and we would like to do the same for you.

    Should you have any further questions on how CIM could help you manage chronic pain, contact a representative.

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