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    How Physical Therapy Can Help with Back Pain

    How Physical Therapy Can Help with Back Pain

    Back pain has the potential to hold you back in many areas of your life. It can affect everything from your goals of having unforgettable adventures to your personal relationships.

    If you work a job that is physical, you could find it nearly impossible to get through each day. Even sitting at a computer desk can be quite unbearable. Many people who are living in Las Vegas do not know that they should have their back checked after two to six weeks of experiencing pain. Because this is such a common occurrence, some people go months or even years with their pain before seeking help from a physician or physical therapist. A good pain management plan is essential to recovering from an injury or the development of a painful condition.

    The reality is that you should not have to settle for living in pain. Your local Las Vegas physical therapist can help you to decrease your back pain and increase your ability to function, and here is how.

    More Common than You Think

    Did you know that an estimated 90 percent of the population will experience back pain during their life? Many also have neck pain or other spine symptoms, with pain that is not localized. This pain does not only affect the spine, but it can also cause your eyes, arms, legs and even your internal organs to ache. As time passes and pain is ignored, episodes can become more frequent, longer and more painful than before. If pain is not managed, it can travel from its original source to affect multiple areas of the body. For this reason, it is very important to seek treatment as soon as you notice lasting back pain. In fact, if 95 percent of patients with herniated disks had sought treatment sooner, they could have avoided the operating room.

    Two Components of Pain Management

    Physical therapy for the relief of back pain generally consists of two components—passive physical therapy and active exercises. These are designed to meet the goals of physical therapy: increase function, decrease pain and educate patients on how they can further manage an injury or condition and prevent pain in the future. Passive physical therapy is performed on the patient by a physical therapist to decrease pain. This is also known as modalities, and some examples include heat or ice compresses, Ultrasound, TENS units and iontophoresis. Active exercise is used for rehabilitation. These include stretches and strengthening exercises.

    Physical Therapy Can Help

    The practice of physical therapy is time tested and ever evolving. Every day, more people are realizing the benefits that this treatment can bring, and how it can help them to avoid more invasive procedures. You should not have to live with back pain. Do not ignore your condition any longer—seek treatment and start your recovery. If you are experiencing back pain from an injury or condition, your local Las Vegas physical therapist can help. To learn more about our provider treatments, visit our services page, or contact a representative with Complete Injury Management today.

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