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    America’s Perception of Chiropractic

    America’s Perception of Chiropractic

    Chiropractic services are growing in popularity among Americans, with almost 50 percent of all adults across the United States having visited a chiropractor at some point.

    14 percent of all adults report having used the service in the past year, 12 percent over the past five years and a full quarter of Americans reporting having seen a chiropractor more than five years ago. Once upon a time, Americans were skeptical about the medical chiropractic practice; now it’s become far more accepted.

    Gender and Age

    Women tend to have a more positive view of chiropractic services than men, with females more likely to visit a chiropractor on a normal and regular basis even if they are not currently experiencing discomfort. Women tend to visit chiropractors at least 11 times per year, as opposed to men who tend to visit around 9 times per year.

    Though adults under the age of 35 are less likely to report using chiropractic, signs are there that many among this age group would be willing to use such a service if they begin experiencing neck or back pain or discomfort. In fact, those under 50 are more likely to turn to a chiropractic doctor before seeking other remedies for pain in the back.

    Opinions and Outlook

    Over half of all adults in the United States report having a positive opinion about chiropractic practice and agree that this healthcare service is effective at treating pain in the back or neck. These views remain consistent regardless of the social, economic and education backgrounds. The more a person visits a chiropractor, the more likely they are to have a positive opinion.

    The numbers aren’t all positive, though. About a quarter of adults in the U.S. still feel that the practice of chiropractic is dangerous, and a third are undecided. This negative outlook leads many to avoid visiting a chiropractor when they could be helped by doing so. The opportunity is present to better educate people about the nature of this science.

    Barriers to Treatment

    These negative attitudes form one major barrier for those who could greatly benefit from chiropractic treatment. Additional barriers exist as well: many are uncertain about how often they will have to visit the doctor, what it will cost, whether they can trust the chiropractor and what education is required to enter practice.

    Another, major factor for many are uncertain as to whether their healthcare will cover the visit. As insurance companies become more cautious about their own costs, these concerns keep many adults away.


    The biggest way to increase access to these important services for adults across the board is to improve education. People must understand the degree of education required to become a chiropractor, and must learn about the situations in which healthcare will cover visits. The more education people have, the more able they are to make good decisions about their own health and wellness.

    If you are in need of expert chiropractic services, Dr. Matzinger and the team at Complete Injury Management can help. Read a bit more about our care and services and give us a call for an appointment or more information today.

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