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    Joseph E. Indrieri, MSPT, DPT, Cert Osteopractor, Cert SMT

    Dr. Joseph E. Indrieri

    Physical Therapist

    Originally from the East coast, having grown up in Vermont, Joe made his way West to Las Vegas via Chicago. Joe has worked in all areas of his profession to include the acute care setting, sub-acute rehabilitation, home health, and outpatient services. He is proficient in all aspects of physical therapy, although he enjoys Neurological rehabilitation, Orthopedics, and Pediatrics, especially disorders of the spine specializing in S-I dysfunction and Sciatic pain.

    Joe has had the opportunity to work with members of the Wand Fight Team, the Fabulous Sin City Roller Girls, the former US Rugby Division 1 Champion Las Vegas Blackjacks Rugby Team, and serve as medical director of the Las Vegas 7’s Rugby tournament.

    Joe is passionate about helping others and strives to provide the best and most personalized care to his patients. Joe believes in a holistic approach to treating the complete individual and implements manual techniques combined with therapeutic activity and modalities to provide a complete approach to improving functional mobility. He is an evidence-based practitioner who is versed in osteopathic manipulation of the spine and other unique modalities to include myofascial cupping. He is certified in dry needling techniques for the treatment of muscular pain and sports injuries. Joe enjoys utilizing alternative methods during treatment to include Pilates-based interventions as an adjunct to traditional exercise for a more complete approach to patient progression.

    In his spare time, Joe enjoys world travel. He has been in over 40 countries and all seven continents. He played rugby for 22 years to include bouts with his local and area union and sub-union select sides, the Chicago Lions, the North Sydney Pirates (Australia), and the US Division I champion Las Vegas Blackjacks. He competed in full-contact mixed martial arts for eight years. He has achieved his second degree Black Belt in Shidokan Karate and Tang Soo Do. He now enjoys SCUBA diving and sportfishing.

    Practice Info – Dynamic Spine & Sport Rehabilitation

    Joe started Dynamic Spine & Sport Rehabilitation in 2009 when he got frustrated with the quality of care that was expected in the corporate setting. His goal was to bring the roots of the profession back as a primary treatment style.

    At Dynamic Spine & Sport Rehabilitation, the professional staff aims to provide quality health care in a warm and inviting environment with ultimate concern for the individual as a whole being.

    At Dynamic, the philosophy is about getting back to the roots of the profession of physical therapy and is imperative to the success of helping others. The key is to implement a strong manual-based, hands-on approach to treatment intervention because a healing touch only strengthens the rehabilitation protocol and maximizes individual progress.
    The complete and holistic treatment of the mind and the body will be accomplished through the use of physical therapy rehabilitative activity at a level that is appropriate to each individual with progression as tolerated. Implementation of manual techniques and other modalities, including cupping and dry needling, is incorporated into the treatment process to maximize healing and return to normal function. We strive to help the individual achieve progress and change marked by the continuous advance of productive activity.

    Individuals will be educated on post-discharge preventative care to further maximize the individual’s healing and progression by providing the knowledge and physical strength necessary to avoid the recurrence of problems and promote good health for the future. We also offer opportunities to continue with progress through post-discharge programs tailored to each person’s needs.

    Physical Therapy
    Degrees | Certifications

    Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from DePaul University in 1994

    Masters in Kinesiology at The University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 1999

    Masters in Physical Therapy at The University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 2003

    Doctorate at UNLV in 2009.

    Cert DN

    Cert Osteopractor

    Cert SMT


    He has completed training with the American Academy of Manual Therapy (AAMT) and is a certified Osteopractor as well as a certified SMT. He is accomplished in Dry Needling and did extensive training in Dry Needling, first credentialing under Dr. Ma and then again under the AAMT.

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