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    Aaron Wiegand, DC, CCST, FIAMA

    Dr. Aaron Wiegand


    Dr. Wiegand has provided relief to his community in North Phoenix for over ten years. As a second-generation Chiropractic Physician, Dr. Wiegand and his team are dedicated to helping people return to doing the things they love, Pain-Free, as quickly as possible. Rooted in scientific evidence, Dr. Wiegand integrates his Physiology background from the University of Arizona to deliver care proven to be at the forefront of what’s safe and effective. His care is straightforward and personalized to the patient using a combination of Chiropractic Adjustments, Modern Rehabilitation Techniques, and Acupuncture. “I encourage my patients to take an active role in their healing process.”, Dr. Wiegand describes as his philosophy. “I believe part of any doctor/patient relationship is providing the people you care for the tools to be more independent and care for themselves.” Dr. Wiegand believes each injury is an opportunity to identify areas that need attention and then bring them to a place that was even better than before the injury even happened.

    “People always ask me what made me want to be a Chiropractor. I always tell them that pain keeps people from doing the things they love and being the best person for the people they love. I don’t know of a better service you can provide than giving those things back to a person by simply providing them some relief.” – Dr. Aaron Wiegand, DC.


    B.S. (Physiological Science) - University of Arizona.

    Like his father, Dr. Wiegand followed in the family's footsteps and attended the Chiropractic School that started it all. For four years, Dr. Wiegand focused on Spinal Rehabilitation, Sports Rehabilitation, Diagnostic X-Ray, and Health and Wellness. He graduated with the Virgil Strang Philosophy Award given to the student in each class, exhibiting the most comprehensive understanding of ethics and purpose for a chiropractor in the Doctor/Patient Relationship.

    D.C. (Doctor of Chiropractic) - Palmer College of Chiropractic

    C.C.S.T. (Chiropractic Certification in Spinal Trauma) - International Chiropractic Association

    The rehabilitation and management of complicated cases like those after a Motor Vehicle accident require a particular set of knowledge and skills. Dr. Wiegand completed this post-doctorate certification and uses his over 100 hours of education in his everyday treatment plans.

    D.N. (Dry Needling Certified)

    After suffering a low back injury while performing a deadlift, Dr. Wiegand found relief with Dry Needling that was so fast and effective that he could continue seeing patients that day. Over the years, Dr. Wiegand brought this burgeoning technique to get even quicker results for his patients.

    F.I.A.M.A. (Fellowship in The International Academy of Medical Acupuncture)

    After witnessing the fantastic results with Dry Needling, Dr. Wiegand also found that his patients were finding that they were more relaxed and even reporting better sleep after their treatments. After discovering that these were the common effects of Acupuncture, he dedicated a year of study to the art of Acupuncture and is currently the only Chiropractor in Arizona certified in both Acupuncture and Dry Needling.

    Associations | Affiliations

    ACA-American Chiropractic Association

    ICA-International Chiropractic Association: COUNCIL ON APPLIED CHIROPRACTIC SCIENCES

    Phoenix Spine and Joint: Affiliate for the Management of Knee Pain

    AG Sports: Official Chiropractor for Represented Athletes

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    C.C.S.T. (Chiropractic Certification in Spinal Trauma) - International Chiropractic Association

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