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    Physiatry / PM&R

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    Physiatry – or physical medicine and rehabilitation – helps people get back to normal after an injury.

    Complete Injury Management helps people recover after an injury. If you’ve been in a car accident, had a sports injury, or have otherwise sustained an injury that chiropractic care cannot treat alone, yet surgery isn’t necessary, you will likely be advised to see a physiatrist.

    A physiatrist or physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor is a doctor that has a wide variety of training in orthopedics, neurology, rheumatology, pain management, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. They use their knowledge to focus not only on reducing your pain but improving your functionality and quality of life. They use state of the art diagnostic techniques such as EMG and ultrasound to gain a more accurate diagnosis of your pain.

    During a typical visit, the physiatrist will review your medications, previous treatments, previous therapies, and see what has worked and what hasn’t. They will then formulate a source of where your pain may be coming from and use medications, injections such as platelet-rich plasma and prolotherapy injections, and other therapies to help you recover from your injury.

    During World War I, psychiatry first came into existence when injured soldiers were suffering from chronic pain and unable to function in their day-to-day lives after returning home. Since then, physiatrists have been used to treat many different types of injuries. Physiatrists are commonly trained in one or more areas such as the back, neck, brain, or extremities. They prefer a non-surgical approach to recovery whenever possible.
    Many physiatrists work as part of a medical team. This team might include physical therapists, neurologists, speech pathologists, orthopedic surgeons, and even vocational counselors to help you get back to work. They can treat conditions from low back pain and knee stiffness to injuries in the bone, muscle, or nerve and diseases such as strokes and brain injuries.

    Physiatry is typically more comprehensive than the care you would receive from most medical doctors. Physiatrists will examine and treat the whole person instead of only focusing on the problem area or a specific organ. They take the time needed to assess their patients’ state both physically and mentally accurately. They will commonly suggest rehabilitation techniques to practice at home, including strengthening exercises, stretching, and the use of assistive devices such as braces and wheelchairs.

    Complete Injury Management understands how difficult even the most simple tasks can be for someone who has been injured and strives to help those injured reach a full recovery. Physiatrists play an important role in helping you regain full mobility after being injured. If you’ve been injured, please give us a call or fill out our short contact form and let us help you get the care you need.